Doctor using EHR in hospital
By Mike Miliard 11:06 am September 13, 2023
Electronic health records that deliver suboptimal user experience are more likely to lead to alert fatigue and less likely to catch errors that could impact hospital safety, University of Utah Health research shows.
Guardians of the Grid tabletop exercise board game
By Andrea Fox 10:26 am September 12, 2023
Guardians of the Grid, designed for individuals and organizations to use as a preparation tool, invites players to take their roles as cybercriminals or cyber defenders. The healthcare CISO who invented it wants to raise funding with Kickstarter.
Hospital staff in a discussion around the nurses station
By Adam Ang 03:39 am September 11, 2023
It has tapped Logicalis to support its digital transformation.
Stethoscope on tablet
By Susan Morse 10:10 am September 08, 2023
 Automation, and now AI, can handle the easy tasks such as administrative form filling.
A medical student wearing a VR headset is learning the parts of the heart while being assisted by an instructor
By Adam Ang 03:29 am September 08, 2023
Also, Philips APAC has a new managing director.
A nurse checking medication records on a laptop
By Adam Ang 03:26 am September 08, 2023
Also, Genea runs an integrated surgery management system powered by Clintel's CareRight.
Intermountain, SoNE Health and UCLA Medical security leaders at HIMSS Healthcare Cybersecurity Forum
By Mike Miliard 03:45 pm September 07, 2023
Cybersecurity leaders from Intermountain, UCLA Medical and SoNE Health discuss the "delicate balance" of educating hospital staff – not just to avoid phishing tricks, but to gain understanding and appreciation for day-to-day cyber hygiene.
Narinder Singh of LookDeep Health on AI
By Bill Siwicki 10:57 am September 07, 2023
"Nurses cannot be everywhere at once," says one expert in video monitoring, who sees promise in "watching AI" helping overworked RNs track patterns in hospital patients over longer periods of time to gain insights into their health trajectory.
By Bill Siwicki 10:46 am September 05, 2023
By reducing the number of flowsheets and their content, they've made documentation more than 10 minutes faster. Across two years, the number of best practice alerts for nursing was reduced by 86%.
A nurse holding a mobile phone showing the Celo Health app
By 11:17 am September 04, 2023
Secure messaging apps are proving to be a key tool for healthcare organizations.