Precision Medicine

Square quantum computer components in blue.
By Andrea Fox 06:04 am September 12, 2023
As it works to safeguard existing cybersecurity protocols from easy decryption by a future quantum computer, the agency is requesting feedback on standards for three algorithms designed to withstand quantum-powered cyberattacks.
illustration of cloud technology
By 03:36 am August 29, 2023
The cloud has been pivotal in improving health system efficiency and speeding up innovation over recent years, but its benefits remain enigmatic to those outside of the tech sphere. A new report aims to shed light on this revolutionary technology.
Hand holds a crystal ball before a sunset scene that is reflected inside the ball.
By Andrea Fox 11:01 am June 06, 2023
The virtual models will help researchers develop more personalized treatment plans, predict health outcomes, monitor chronic conditions and streamline drug development, a new report shows.
Clinician pointing at a mammography on a screen
By Andrea Fox 10:33 am June 02, 2023
The new U.S. study also found a combination of machine learning and AI-powered image analysis could advance mammography screening, improve the efficacy of radiology workflows and position more women at high risk to achieve earlier detection.
Precision medicine and drug development researchers
By Mike Miliard 10:52 am May 17, 2023
Improved drug discovery and innovations in personalized treatments are among the goals for the new Target and Lead Identification Suite and Multiomics Suite.
By Andrea Fox 07:58 am May 16, 2023
The new functionalities allow customers to integrate existing processing pipelines so they can quickly build applications and scale up robust genomic analyses and secondary analyses. 
Salim Ismail OpenExO founder and chair
By Susan Morse 11:44 am May 02, 2023
HIMSS23 keynote speaker Salim Ismail, founder and chair of OpenExO, talks about the decade of Exponential Organizations.
Group of healthcare professionals at a screen
By Andrea Fox 11:11 am April 24, 2023
The FHIR-enabled platform supports provider tools that integrate algorithms and machine learning to improve patient diagnoses.
Frederick Health's Jackie Rice and Dr. Kristin Conley
By Emily Olsen 03:08 pm April 20, 2023
At HIMSS23, panelists discussed how genomics could improve patient care and the challenges to implementing genetic testing programs.
By Andrea Fox 10:57 am April 17, 2023
Sonya Makhni, medical director of the Mayo Clinic Platform, discusses a model that brings the disparate pieces of a fractured healthcare ecosystem together in her keynote at the HIMSS23 ML and AI Forum.