White Papers

How Swiftqueue is transforming the consumer lifecycle
05:44 pm July 03, 2023
Many healthcare organizations have embraced Hospital 4.0 – a new era of smart, connected services integrating artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT). However, some organizations are still relying on legacy systems and analog documentation for scheduling appointments, keeping records and...
Dedalus & AWS
Breaking down barriers to compliance and consumerization
03:23 pm April 18, 2023
Since January 2021 for U.S. healthcare providers and January 2022 for payers, price transparency rules have been in effect. However, health systems and plans still struggle to comply with these rules. According to experts from CitiusTech, this hesitancy stems from the complexity of the rules and the significant changes that adopting transparency...
CitiusTech & AWS
Enterprise imaging beyond radiology
03:18 pm April 18, 2023
A typical hospital’s radiology services produce 40% to 60% of medical images, but many other specialties also depend heavily on images, such as cardiology, orthopedics, dermatology, and others. Although medical images are a key clinical tool for multiple disciplines, they are still largely unintegrated into hospital EMR systems –...
CitiusTech & AWS
Healthcare report: How are U.S. healthcare organizations embracing intelligent automation to enhance patient centricity?
05:29 pm April 13, 2023
The U.S. healthcare sector is facing unprecedented challenges, including an aging population, growing consumerism, changes in regulation and more. All these challenges put pressure on finances and staff as health systems struggle to cope with additional workloads. However, these challenges also present opportunities to build on the introduction of...
Valuation multiples: What buyers are paying for RCM and HCIT companies today
05:06 pm December 15, 2022
The past three years of M&A activity in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT) have been incredibly busy, with more than $150 billion changing hands in 700 transactions. As owners, investors and senior executives of RCM and HCIT companies consider their M&A options, they often have questions about how...
Greenberg Advisors
Sharp Healthcare automates the business of care systemwide
05:35 pm December 02, 2022
The growth of Sharp Healthcare, the largest health system in San Diego County, has generated millions of additional patient records and back-office documents. Like other health systems, staff working within EHR, ERP and other core systems did not have the ability to easily access, integrate and process medical records and other supply chain...
5 steps to support successful EHR migration to the cloud
05:38 pm December 01, 2022
Having real-time insights into every experience that matters allows healthcare organizations to understand the patient journey from end-to-end, connect feedback from multiple data channels, make data-driven business decisions that improve their bottom line and drive action at every level to deliver on patient and employee expectations.
How an automated spend management solution can help you go from overwhelmed to overjoyed
05:38 pm November 22, 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for healthcare organizations to embrace digital transformation. However, the move to remote work has left some finance and AP teams scrambling to process the financials needed to keep business moving and ensure compliance both internally and externally.
5 steps to successful EHR migration to the cloud
05:41 pm November 21, 2022
Healthcare organizations are facing extraordinary change that’s impacting the industry at every turn, including changing consumer expectations, shifting payment models and growing volumes of IoMT data requiring analytics and management. Migrating EHR systems to the cloud can enhance an organization’s agility, as well as strengthen...
Data integration at scale: Best practices from leading healthcare organizations
05:25 pm November 21, 2022
For large healthcare delivery systems, software scalability is critical. As organizations grow, they need data to flow seamlessly across their health IT systems to achieve a unified care record and analytics that span the care continuum. However, many first-generation data sharing initiatives fail to address fundamental technical challenges,...