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data matrix barcodes
06:56 am April 27, 2023

The adoption of GS1 data matrix barcodes on pharmaceutical products will enhance medication management initiatives and improve patient safety.

Syringe and medicine bottle with bullet points
09:50 am March 21, 2023

When hospitals leverage single-dose dispensing of controlled substances with manufacturer-prepared pre-filled syringes, they can help improve efficiency and safety while minimizing drug diversion.

Pill bottle and syringe with bullet points
09:00 am February 14, 2023

By finding new ways to minimize product waste, healthcare organizations can increase patient safety, decrease opportunities for drug diversion and save clinician time and resources.

data matrix barcodes
09:00 am January 24, 2023

With Fresenius Kabi announcing its plans to place data matrix barcodes on all products, experts hope the rest of the industry will soon follow suit.

Icons of DNA helix and medical eqipment
03:58 pm November 17, 2022

Healthcare providers need the speed, security and reliability that Spectrum Network can provide to store patient data and images from multiple sources so frontline staff can concentrate on caring for patients.

Headshot icon connected to icon of person in sling
03:57 pm November 17, 2022

From the digital front door to post-discharge and beyond, Spectrum Enterprise helps healthcare providers empower patients along each step of their journey with a smooth, proactive omnichannel experience.

Fast, secure, trusted text with surrounding communication icons
03:57 pm November 17, 2022

Spectrum Enterprise’s HIPAA-compliant custom solutions make it possible for healthcare professionals and patients to safely exchange vital, confidential information anywhere, anytime within a connected, secure health ecosystem.

Doctor talking to pregnant patient
09:34 am November 16, 2022

Providing more targeted support and more equitable, comprehensive care can help employers buck the trend of poor maternal outcomes and effectively save their employees’ lives.

Healthcare workers and business people meeting
09:00 am October 18, 2022

Leverage data-driven insights to optimize workflows across the enterprise.

Healthcare worker with tablet
10:43 am September 28, 2022

Leverage new technology to assimilate the growing volume of healthcare data.