Healthcare IT executives meeting
By Mike Miliard 10:48 am September 14, 2023
A report from Bain and KLAS sees 80% of chief information officers and other tech leaders boosting their investments in software and digital tools. They've got rev cycle and clinical workflows top of mind, but their AI plans are still coming into focus.
The Capitol
By Andrea Fox 10:24 am September 14, 2023
But restarting the paused Electronic Health Record Modernization program will first require a successful deployment at Lovell Federal Health Care Center in Chicago, says Dr. Neil Evans of the EHRM Integration Office.
A nurse showing the Celo Health mobile app
By Adam Ang 11:08 pm September 13, 2023
The solution solves the healthcare provider's concern with the confidentiality of patient data.
St John of God Midland staff
By Adam Ang 11:08 pm September 13, 2023
It can now accurately measure and track real-time capacity and demand across wards and departments.
Senator Mark Warner
By Andrea Fox 11:17 am September 13, 2023
In a letter to Anne Milgram, administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration, they say Congress created a special registration under the SUPPORT Act "not as an option for DEA to utilize, but a requirement."
Doctor using EHR in hospital
By Mike Miliard 11:06 am September 13, 2023
Electronic health records that deliver suboptimal user experience are more likely to lead to alert fatigue and less likely to catch errors that could impact hospital safety, University of Utah Health research shows.
Doctors and payers sit around a table discussing claims data, prior authorizations and more.
By Andrea Fox 11:06 am September 13, 2023
The payer says its new care management platform built on Salesforce Health Cloud helps understand members' care needs better and other tools reduce the processing time for benefits administration from 24 hours to five minutes. 
Guardians of the Grid tabletop exercise board game
By Andrea Fox 10:26 am September 12, 2023
Guardians of the Grid, designed for individuals and organizations to use as a preparation tool, invites players to take their roles as cybercriminals or cyber defenders. The healthcare CISO who invented it wants to raise funding with Kickstarter.
Square quantum computer components in blue.
By Andrea Fox 06:04 am September 12, 2023
As it works to safeguard existing cybersecurity protocols from easy decryption by a future quantum computer, the agency is requesting feedback on standards for three algorithms designed to withstand quantum-powered cyberattacks.
A doctor consulting with a specialist via laptop
By Adam Ang 02:47 am September 12, 2023
It also facilitates contracts and payments between them.