By Craig Settles 01:26 pm June 30, 2023
The National Telecommunications and Information Administration is funding new efforts to help counties and municipalities build high-speed broadband networks. Here's what that could mean for telehealth, as more funding enables new opportunities for care.
By Michael Dowling 11:02 am June 26, 2023
Northwell Health is using an AI-enabled security system, its CEO explains, and its Center for Gun Violence Prevention is researching other hospital-based violence intervention strategies.
By Paul J. Williams 10:27 am June 01, 2023
Common platform + standard infrastructure + unified support = reduced variability and increased predictability.
By Mike Restuccia 10:51 am March 27, 2023
A balanced approach to deploying new IT that reduces the burden on employees and provides patients with enhanced services is key to stabilizing and advancing healthcare industry processes.
By Michalene Elliott Kinsler 11:11 am March 21, 2023
Healthcare organizations face risk in not delivering exceptional consumer experiences. Those that don't prioritize customer relationship management may find it harder to maintain their competitiveness.
By Eddie Ades 05:05 pm March 14, 2023
To succeed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention must overhaul the way data is collected and shared. Technology-driven collaboration will be critical to rebuilding the trust of agency partners.
By David Chou 10:40 am February 07, 2023
From mega-mergers to matchmaking, here are a few of the deal-making trends that bear watching as the healthcare and health IT industries continue to navigate an era of disruption and change.
By Joyoti Goswami 10:19 am January 20, 2023
Predictive analytics in EHRs aren't yet effective enough for clinical decision support at the point of care.
By Mike Restuccia 10:36 am December 27, 2022
The CIO of Penn Medicine says 2023 will be another year of significant change, requiring organizations to display nimbleness and teamwork to execute their strategic plans.
By John P. Donohue 03:00 pm December 07, 2022
To fight for the best and the brightest, don't give employees a reason to go. Pay them well, keep them engaged and ensure that managers know their roles.