Kat Jercich

Kat Jercich is the Senior Editor at Healthcare IT News. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Advocate, and others. Previously, she was Vice President and Managing Editor at Rewire.News.

By Kat Jercich 01:58 pm May 13, 2020
Though mental health professionals say they're mostly pleased with the rapid shift to phone or video services, most plan to return to in-person care once the dangers from COVID-19 have subsided.
By Kat Jercich 04:03 pm May 12, 2020
CMS will require hospitals to adopt the Hybrid Hospital-Wide 30-Day Readmission measure by 2023. Experts say you should start preparing now.
By Kat Jercich 12:27 pm May 12, 2020
Even as ONC and CMS push for wider patient data sharing, many healthcare consumers are hesitant. The American Medical Association has issued new privacy principles supporting the rights of individuals to control how their health information is used. 
By Kat Jercich 12:22 pm May 11, 2020
Hospital medical staff can stream live footage from inpatient units to nursing stations and initiate patient communication without having to physically enter rooms.
By Kat Jercich 01:33 pm May 08, 2020
Mayo Clinic researchers found that patients were particularly dissatisfied with access, including their ease in getting clinics on the phone and scheduling appointments.
By Kat Jercich 11:33 am May 08, 2020
By creating a new physician support specialist position and giving providers the opportunity to be changemakers, the team at OrthoVirginia improved clinician experience.
By Kat Jercich 03:14 pm May 07, 2020
Phishing is still the number-one cause of breaches, according to the newly released BakerHostetler Data Security Incident Response Report, with ransomware on the rise.
By Kat Jercich 03:46 pm May 06, 2020
The pandemic has proven the "generalizability of telehealth" says the CMIO of NYU Langone Health, where virtual visits have skyrocketed. ATA, meanwhile, is asking Congress for more funding and flexibility to help build on its promise.
By Kat Jercich 12:35 pm May 06, 2020
The CMS final rules require Medicare and Medicaid participating hospitals to send electronic notifications when patients are admitted, discharged or transferred.
By Kat Jercich 02:47 pm May 05, 2020
Health Catalyst's Capacity Planning Tool forecasts when hospitals will hit their limit on beds, ventilators, personal protective equipment and staffing.

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